Flying with Singapore Airlines

I flew with Singapore Airlines from Johannesburg, South Africa to Denpasar, Bali via Changi Airport. My journey was pleasant, but certainly not without a couple of hick-ups. Only one of my four flights departed on time…

Departure flights

My first flight departing from Johannesburg was delayed by nearly three hours due to technical challenges. The cabin crew distributed drinks and snacks while we waited for the issues to be resolved. I watched a whole movie before the flight eventually departed.

Due to the delay, I missed my connection to Bali. I guess you cannot really call yourself a traveller until you’ve missed a flight! There are a couple of flights from Singapore to Bali daily, so the airline simply put me on the next available flight. When I touched down at Changi Airport, ground staff were ready and waiting with my new boarding pass. I immediately went to the boarding gate to catch my flight to Bali.

Return flights

My flight from Bali to Singapore was delayed, again due to a technical error. We only left an hour after the scheduled departure time. I was concerned about missing my connecting flight to Johannesburg. Just before landing, the pilot assured us that all passengers would make their connections.

However, upon arrival at Changi Airport, I found out that I had missed my flight. There is only one flight daily from Singapore to South Africa, which meant that I had to wait 24 hours for the next flight. The airline booked me a room at The Crowne Plaza at Terminal 3, including all my meals the following day. To be totally honest, I didn’t mind the delay at all! I got to stay in a 5* hotel and explore a whole new country in one day!

My flight from Singapore to Johannesburg was also delayed, but only by 30 min or so.

On-board hospitality

Prior to departure, hot towels are dispensed by the cabin crew. It’s a great way to refresh before starting a long-haul flight.


As a vegetarian, I pre-ordered my meals online. To evaluate all the options available to vegetarians, I selected four different meals: Indian vegetarian meal (which I never received), Asian vegetarian meal, Ovo-lacto vegetarian meal and vegan meal. Crew members confirm your special meals, which are served ahead of time before the rest of the passengers receive their meals. Below I rank the meals from worst to best.

Asian vegetarian meals

Overall I wasn’t very impressed with the Asian vegetarian meals. Some of the meals were bland and some of the vegetables bitter. For one meal I received dumplings which were rather good.

Vegan meal

My vegan meal was OK. Not too bad, but not great either.

Ovo-lacto vegetarian meal

If you are an ovo-lacto vegetarian, this is the meal to order. In my opinion, it’s the best meal! You can never go wrong with pasta! And the Panna Cotta dessert was really tasty.

The best part of the food was the Mocha ice cream served on my first flight from Johannesburg to Singapore. It was yummy!

Amenity kits

Singapore Airlines are one of only a few airlines that still give economy class passengers complimentary amenity kits. They are handed out by the cabin crew shortly after take-off. Inside the kit, you will find a pair of socks and a dental kit, with a toothbrush and toothpaste.


The seats on the aeroplane are rather comfortable. The best feature for me is the bars where you can rest your feet.

KrisWorld is Singapore Airlines’ in-flight entertainment system. There are hundreds of movies and TV series to choose from.


The hostesses are welcoming and friendly and very efficient. I was particularity impressed with how the crew members remained calm and collected during the delays. They always ensured that the passengers were comfortable.

Changi Airport

Changi Airport is huge and filled with interesting shops! From 7-Elevens to a toy shop sporting a live size figure of Iron Man. There are also funky displays throughout the airport.

Would I fly with Singapore Airlines again?

Despite everything that went wrong, the technical errors and missed connections, I was very impressed with how the airline handled the delays. Hey, I got to stay in a 5* hotel for free and I saw a little bit of Singapore! If I had important connections or meetings to make, that would be a different story. But, I would happily fly with Singapore Airlines again. It remains one of the best airlines for travel to and from Asia.