Watching the sunset at the Santa Monica Pier

I wanted to watch the sunset at the Santa Monica Pier. I know, right? So unoriginal. It’s one of those must-do Los Angeles activities on everybody’s bucket lists. Perhaps it’s even a bit touristy. And here I was, a travel blogger who is supposed to seek out ‘alternative’ or ‘off the beaten path’ adventures. Whatever! Simply put: I refuse to feel guilty for wanting to see ‘touristy’ attractions around the world. They are popular for a reason…

Here’s why I wanted to go

Because one, the sunset is, mind the cliché, gorgeous! Pink isn’t really my colour. But when it’s paired with yellow in a sunset, it’s a different story. Number two, the pier is the end of the legendary Route 66. Who doesn’t want to say they’ve set foot on this famous American road? And lastly, I wanted to see Pacific Park at night with all the brilliant lights. But let my photographs speak for themselves…

How to get there

If you’re using public transportation, you have two options, the bus or the metro. I opted to take the metro because, for me, it’s more comfortable than the bus. Taking the metro from Hollywood down to Santa Monica wasn’t difficult or scary. Coming back at night was a different story, though. Let me just start off by saying, nothing bad happened to me, but it felt like it could. The announcements weren’t exactly comforting or encouraging either. Warnings to report sexual assaults, to buy nothing from the vendors and to keep your valuables, like your cell phone, out of sight…not exactly what a solo female wants to hear. I sat close to families on the metro and hoped for the best. Next time I’ll take the bus instead.

Watching the sunset over the Santa Monica Pier was everything I hoped it would be. Everything was great, except for the metro ride back to my hostel. Have you been to the Santa Monica Pier at night? What did you think? I want to know.