Why visiting the Christmas Markets in Brussels is a must

I travelled to Brussels a week ago for one purpose, to check out the Christmas markets. And let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed! From delicious, affordable food to local handmade crafts, from a giant Christmas tree to an ice skate rink, everything you could want is there. Also, the markets were a feast for the eyes. Here’s why you should definitely visit the Brussels Christmas markets.

For the amazing crafts

Some markets can be quite dull if the stalls sell the same merchandise. But this wasn’t the case at the Christmas markets in Brussels at all! Aside from food and drink stalls, every stall was different from the next one. Custom knives, cards, candles, fake fur blankets, paper lanterns, and pottery…This is only a taste of some of the unique crafts you can expect to see at the Brussels Christmas markets.

To see Manneken Pis dressed up

Every now and then, the infamous boy statue in Brussels, Manneken Pis, is dressed up. I was lucky enough to see him clothed as Santa, escorted by police and ladies giving away free candy.

For the scrumptious food

Oh, I love Belgium food! When it comes to sweets, no country does it better than Belgium. From chocolate to waffles and back to chocolate again. Need I say more? My favourite sweet treats at the Christmas markets were the chocolate covered marshmallows or Tete de Choco. Yum. With flavours like cappuccino, mint, lemon, caramel, and coconut, you’re in for a real treat!

But don’t expect to see only sweet treats at the markets, the savoury dishes were just as delicious. There was also a stall that sold more than 25 different quiches. Yep, that’s right, 25! I ate a vegetable quiche and it was the best quiche I’ve ever eaten. No lies.

For global culture exposure

This is something unique to the Brussels Christmas markets. Aside from all the Belgium food and crafts, expect to find other counties represented too, including Albania and Mongolia. I loved the Mongolian themed stalls, from traditional foods and drinks to live performances. There was a stage where three Mongolian throat singers performed. Admittedly, this isn’t the style of music I usually listen to. But nonetheless, I enjoyed the performance very much.

For the Steampunk-themed Carousel

I wouldn’t normally take a second glance at a carousel. But if that carousel is Steam-punk themed with bizarre machines and funky animals, I don’t just glance, I stare! From an ostrich to Pegasus to a chameleon and various machinery, this is the carousel of my dreams. The children seemed to enjoy it too.

For the Giant Ferris Wheel

What better way to see the Christmas markets than from above? The Giant Ferris Wheel is called The View, and rightly so. The View delivers, well, the best view in the city! The pods are open at the sides, which means you can take some amazing photos. I was lucky enough to have one pod all to myself. At only €6 a ride, this was money well spent.

I loved the Brussels Christmas markets for the delicious chocolate, the colourful lights, the incredible views, the festive atmosphere and the friendly people. Hurry, the Christmas markets are open until the end of December.


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