6 Bizarre facts about European Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are one of the most recognizable animals in the world, the small spiny mammal that rolls itself into a tight ball when threatened. Thinking back to when I was a child, hedgehogs were amongst the first wild animals that I could identify (in Afrikaans we call them krimpvarkies’). Hedgehogs were one of my favourite […]

The Eland: How well do you know Africa’s biggest antelope?

One thing that I want to accomplish with my blog this year is to write more articles about animals and wildlife experiences. That’s where my true love lies. Nature and animals and I want to share my love and passion with you guys. To kick off 2019, here are some random (and hopefully interesting) facts […]

10 interesting facts about Rose-ringed parakeets

You won’t see the distinctive rings around the necks of all parakeets. Only the adult male has the black ring and rose-coloured collar around his neck. It’s considered impossible to distinguish immature males and females from each other.  Rose-ringed parakeets can get very old, reaching an age of up to 30 years! They have a […]

Chilling at Kopjes cat café in Amsterdam

Cat cafés are my new obsession. Yeah, I know, I’m kinda late to the party, but better late than never. It combines two of my favourite things in the world: cats and desserts. What’s not to love? There is only one cat café in Amsterdam called Kopjes. Last weekend I decided to go hang out […]

Visiting my first cat café in Ostrava, Czech Republic

There are two kinds of people: dog people and cat people. I’m totally one of the latter, a cat person! Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs. I’m the owner of the most adorable and loveable husky ever. But I would still describe myself as a cat person. Because my husband is allergic to cats, […]

Yosemite National Park with Green Tortoise Adventure Travel – Day 3

Getting up at sunrise, we prepared our last breakfast together, scrambled eggs with veggies and cheese, and a fresh fruit salad. After everything was cleaned and packed away, we hit the road and had some fun on our way to the first stop of the day, Tuolumne Meadows. Going ‘Wild’ in Tuolumne Meadows Let me […]

Yosemite National Park with Green Tortoise Adventure Travel – Day 2

The second day of my Yosemite National Park adventure with Green Tortoise started early, around 06h00 when Steve woke us up with tea and coffee. Breakfast was made-from-scratch buckwheat pancakes served with fresh blueberries, strawberries and whipped cream. A three-hour drive took us to the first stop of the day, the Mono Basin. If you […]

Yosemite National Park with Green Tortoise Adventure Travel – Day 1

As soon as my flight to San Francisco was booked, my search to find the best Yosemite National Park tour started. I soon realised that, yes, you can take a day of the park. But where’s the fun in that? I knew Yosemite was going to be spectacular, and spending only a few hours inside […]

My best Winter Moment: Walking to All Saints Waterfalls

With Spring knocking at the door here in Amsterdam, I can’t help but take a look back at my best Winter moment. Without a doubt, that moment belongs to my walk in the snow to the All Saints Waterfalls in the Black Forest back in December. Waterfall. Snow. Black Forrest. Germany. Need I say more? […]

Visiting the Alternative Wolf and Bear Park in the Black Forest

I travelled to the Black Forest with my family just before Christmas. The number one thing I wanted to do was visit the Alternative Wolf and Bear Park. This isn’t your average animal park or zoo. The park is a sanctuary that offers a better life for bears, wolves, and lynx that have been rescued […]

All the animals I saw in Yosemite National Park

Everybody who likes nature will love Yosemite National Park. With cliffs, mountains, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls, there is literally a postcard-perfect picture around every corner. Despite all these beautiful sights, what excited me most was the prospect of seeing some fascinating animals. I’ll let you in on a little secret: I really wanted to see […]

Getting to know California Ground Squirrels

My favourite part of visiting Yosemite National Park this past summer was all the animals I saw. Rodents, birds, and deer. I encountered numerous of these furry rodents inside the park. At first, I didn’t know which species I was looking at. It was only later after studying my photographs, that I identified them as […]

What! The Steller’s Jay isn’t really blue?

It’s time for another ‘sciency’ animal article! This is me indulging my geeky zoologist side, so please bear with me! I traveled to Yosemite National Park this past summer. The park is beautiful, with great vistas around every corner. But you know what the highlight was for me? All the animals I saw. The most […]

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