20 photos to inspire you to visit Antwerp during the festive season

Last year I visited the Christmas markets in Antwerp. I jumped on a bus and in two and a half hours I found myself in the diamond capital of the world. I spent a whole day exploring the city centre and walking around the Christmas markets. Here are my best photos to inspire your own […]

The Ghent Christmas market

Having been to the Christmas markets in Brussels, Bruges, and Antwerp, I was curious to see the market in Ghent. So I hopped on a bus, and three hours later I found myself strolling among 150 beautifully decorated wooden huts. The market is located in the historical city centre, the heart of Ghent, from Sint-Baafsplein […]

My Bruges photo diary

Bruges is beautiful! It’s one of those picture-perfect European cities that you simply cannot miss. This was my second trip to Bruges, although I’m not sure if the first one really counts. I travelled to Bruges at the end of last year to check out the Christmas markets. It was only a day trip and […]

Discovering the churches of Bruges

When I travel to a new destination, I love visiting the churches in that city or town, for two reasons. Firstly, I find that churches, or religious buildings in general, are often architectural marvels that house incredible works of art. Just think of, for example, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona or the Milan Cathedral. Churches […]

One night at Snuffel Hostel in Bruges

After dog sitting an extremely cute but high maintenance beagle, I was in need of a mini break. I just wanted to get away for one night and Bruges was the perfect place. Although, if you have more time, definitely stay two or three nights. Anyway, I decided to spend my one night in Bruges […]

Why visiting the Christmas Markets in Brussels is a must

I travelled to Brussels a week ago for one purpose, to check out the Christmas markets. And let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed! From delicious, affordable food to local handmade crafts, from a giant Christmas tree to an ice skate rink, everything you could want is there. Also, the markets were a feast for […]

Counting down the best chocolatiers in Brussels

Everybody who loves chocolate knows that Belgium has some of the best chocolatiers in the world. As I was planning a trip to Brussels, I got super excited about eating the finest Belgium chocolate on Belgium soil. Once I arrived in Brussels, it quickly became apparent that finding the best chocolate in the city wouldn’t […]

15 Reasons to love Brussels

Before to my trip to Brussels, I heard some mixed reviews of the city. Some people who visited liked Brussels, and others did not. When I hear something negative about a city I’m travelling to, I always adjust my expectations. So when I travelled to Brussels, I didn’t expect much. I kept my expectations low. […]