My Strasbourg photo diary

Strasbourg is a beautiful French city in the Alsace region, close to the border between France and Germany. The Alsace region has a turbulent history as it has passed between French and German control several times since 1681. Because of its history, you’ll see a great deal of German and French influences throughout the city today, […]

A quick stopover in Lille

On my way back to Amsterdam from Paris, I wanted to break up my bus journey into smaller, more comfortable stretches. I’d already been to the obvious choices, Brussels and Antwerp, so I was searching for another lively and interesting city to explore. Enter Lille. Lille is the fourth largest French city at the northern […]

You won’t believe how beautiful Colmar is!

When I first saw photographs of Colmar about a year ago, I knew I had to see this small French town for myself. It’s one of those picturesque little European towns that looks too perfect to be real. You know, the ones that belong in the pages of fairytale books. I thought for sure these photos […]

Liar Liar Pants on Fire! The 3 most common tourist schemes in Paris

I enjoyed Paris, don’t misunderstand me. But of all the European cities I’ve been to, Paris is by far the worst when it comes to aggressive tourist schemes, and this is coming from a street-smart South African! The aim of the schemes is to relief you of your hard-earned cash. Be alert and take note of […]

The perfect itinerary for your almost free day in Paris

Let’s get real for a second. Is anything in life really free? Love and laughter perhaps. However, day to day living expenses are unavoidable. It’s like I said in the title, an almost free day in Paris. You will need money for transport (I recommend using the metro), food and a tip for your tour […]