Why you should stay at Casa Gracia when in Barcelona

If you’re looking for an elegant and spacious yet affordable hostel in Barcelona, look no further than Casa Gracia. This boutique hostel looks and feels more like a hotel. I loved my stay at this hostel, here’s why. Location When I say the location of the hostel couldn’t be better, I really mean it. With […]

My first stay in a boutique hostel – Generator Barcelona

I’ve only heard about boutique hostels, but I’ve never stayed in one before. Needless to say, I was super excited to stay in my very first boutique hostel, Generator Barcelona! I think it’s the name: ‘boutique hostel’. When I hear the word ‘boutique’, I immediately think about the store in Pretty Woman that kicked Julia […]

9 hour layover in Madrid? Here’s what to do

A 9-hour layover in Madrid sounds like a lot of time, right? Mmm… if you spend all that time at the airport sure, it’s a long time. If you decide to explore Madrid as I did, nine hours go by so quickly! When you take into account the transport in and out of the city […]

Postcards from Abroad: The Sagrada Familia

    The Sagrada Familia is Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece. The church, now a minor basilica, is probably the main tourist attraction in Barcelona, with good reason. The basilica is an architectural marvel loaded with symbolism. It’s easy to lose track of time when visiting the Sagrada Familia… The Sagrada Familia has three […]