My Luxembourg City Photo Diary

by Sonja Faul

At the end of a three-week solo trip to the United States, I was on my way back from Barcelona to Amsterdam. Luxembourg was on the route back home, and since I’ve never been, I thought I’d spend a day in its capital city. In retrospect, I’m so glad I did! WARNING: Lots of beautiful photos ahead!

The city as the sun rises

My bus pulled into the station in the centre of Luxembourg City just after 5 AM in the morning. That’s right! I was dropped off in the middle of a strange city at the crack of dawn. Normally I don’t get up this early, but here I didn’t exactly have a choice. It turned out to be great because I got to see the sunrise over the city.

WOW! Luxembourg City is beautiful!

Luxembourg City is hands down one of the prettiest cities I’ve travelled to. The old quarter looks like a fairy tale village! Palace, castle, river, scenic parks and ruins of a medieval fort…you can see all of this in Luxembourg City. I didn’t have a particular itinerary in mind. All I wanted to do was wander through the city, seeing as much as I could on foot. And that is exactly what I did. I walked and walked and then walked some more. Everywhere you turn there is another beautiful vista. But I’ll let my photographs do the talking…



My favourite part

My favourite part of the day was just sitting in a park and observing the animals. I saw a couple of birds hopping around, searching for food, a cute squirrel running between trees and a mouse peeping out of its hole in the ground. It’s amazing what you can see if you just take the time. Check out the cuties below!

It was great to take a moment to be still and just take in the beautiful surroundings. If you just need to take a breath from life, Luxembourg City is a great place to do so!

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