South Africa

The Eland: How well do you know Africa’s biggest antelope?

One thing that I want to accomplish with my blog this year is to write more articles about animals and wildlife experiences. That’s where my true love lies. Nature and animals and I want to share my love and passion with you guys. To kick off 2019, here are some random (and hopefully interesting) facts […]

Meet South Africa’s Zazu!

African hornbills were made famous by Zazu, a much-loved character from Disney’s The Lion King. He was the trusted but slightly uptight major-domo for Mufasa and later Simba. In the movie, Zazu was a red-billed hornbill, while the species found in southern Africa is called the Southern yellow-billed hornbill. I grew up with these odd-looking […]

Tracing my family’s travel history through old passports

This is a very special article for me. It’s a little bit more personal, and fittingly so, because today would have been my mother’s 59th birthday. I found a couple of old family passports and I enjoyed paging through them so much that I decided to write a blog article about it. It’s interesting to […]

Meet the Dassie!

If you’ve travelled to southern Africa, you’ve probably seen a Dassie. If not, then perhaps you remember Pati Pati, the cute rock hyrax from the movie Born Free? Dassies are adorable, rodent-looking furry mammals. They have many special adaptations which make them fascinating! Here are 7 interesting facts about Dassies you may not know. 1. […]

Visiting Oribi Gorge and Lake Eland

If you find yourself on the southern coast of South Africa, in the Port Shepstone/Margate area, and you can tear yourself away from the beautiful beaches, head to Oribi Gorge and Lake Eland for a bush break. These game reserves hold a special place in my heart. I always go to Oribi Gorge and Lake […]

10 interesting facts about giraffes

With over one million people watching the live stream of April the giraffe giving birth and Earth Day right around the corner, I thought it appropriate to share some facts about giraffes you might not know. I compared all sorts of giraffe numbers to human numbers and came up with some pretty interesting stats. Enjoy! […]

Burger Battle: my quest to find the best veggie burger in Pretoria

Armed with my Star Wars notepad and pencil, I embarked on a quest to find the best veggie burger in Pretoria. Twenty two burgers later, the results are in. Ranked from worst (yes, there were some terrible burgers) to best (and great ones), join me on this delicious quest. Prices below are stated in South […]

Are these the best waffles in South Africa?

Where can you find the best waffles in South Africa? In my opinion, at The Waffle House in Ramsgate on the south coast of South Africa. Now, I have not tasted every waffle in the country, but I’ve eaten my fair share. And these waffles are my favourite by far! Location The restaurant is located […]

Eagle Encounters

I will be the first to admit that I’m more of a warm-blooded mammal than a scales and feathers person. But I love all types of animals, so I jumped at the opportunity to visit Eagle Encounters during a trip to the Mother City. What is Eagle Encounters? Eagle Encounters is a wildlife, conservation, education […]

Pops of Purple – Pretoria in October

Pretoria is the city I call home. I love it all year round, but during the month of October, Pretoria transforms into a purple paradise. Why? The Jacaranda trees bloom from late September to middle November, giving Pretoria the nickname of The Jacaranda City. There are an estimated 70 000 Jacaranda trees throughout Pretoria. The […]

Restaurant week 2016 – Spring edition

Restaurant week is the best time of the year for any foodie! Numerous top-rated restaurants participate in this event, offering unique menus at discounted prices. I visited three restaurants for the Spring Edition, one in Johannesburg and two in Pretoria. Read about my culinary adventure below! Pretoria Harissa Bistro My meal began with fresh, complimentary […]

Lekgalameetse Nature Reserve

Lekgalameetse, meaning ‘Place of Water’ in the native Pedi language, is a beautiful nature reserve nestled in the Wolkberg Mountains. The soothing whooshing of water is prominent as waterfalls, rock pools, streams and rivers criss-cross hiking trails and roads. A hidden, relatively unknown nature reserve, Lekgalameetse offers a welcome break from the city, without the […]