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Italian Trifecta: Insider tips for visiting Florence

Florence just resonates with me. It’s difficult to put my finger on it, but I love the atmosphere, the creative energy and the way the city makes me feel. It’s filled with art, centuries-old churches and towers, and delectable food. Here are my best tips for visiting the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. Insider tips […]

Italian Trifecta: Insider tips for visiting Venice

Italy is my favourite country in the world. It oozes rich history, incredible art, picturesque villages, breath-taking scenery, and the kind of food that has me drooling just thinking about it. The three big cities on everybody’s Italian bucket list, and rightfully so, are Venice, Florence, and Rome. Don’t get me wrong, see as much […]

What I learned from going vegan for a month

I made the decision to start the year off on a green note with one month of veganism. Why? For multiple reasons. After indulging in a lot of unhealthy food during the Christmas holidays, I wanted to get healthy and feel healthy again. For me, a vegan diet is also a great way to shed […]

My January round-up

This is a new addition to my blog. I want to start writing a monthly blog post about my travels, but also about what’s going on in my personal life. The point of this is to have fun and share more of my life with you guys. Okay, let’s get started. Here are the highlights […]

Where to find the best photo spots in the Cinque Terre

The five villages that make up the Cinque Terre (AKA the Italian Riviera) is one of the most beautiful places in the world. As cheesy as it may sound, it really is difficult to take a bad photo here. Even so, if you’re planning to travel to this slice of heaven this year, it pays […]

2018: A year of travel in 50 photos

This year has been a big travel year for me. I’ve travelled to more than 30 towns and cities across Europe and America, ate a ton of great food, climbed 15 towers and visited a lot of Christmas markets. Below I share 50 photos of my travels throughout the year, arranged from January to December. […]

My best and worst travel moments of 2018

This year has been a mixed bag of good and bad travel experiences, but good for the most part. Below I share my best travel moments of the year, but also the bad ones. My worst travel moments of 2018 I share all the crappy stuff that happened during my travels, not to dwell on […]

Staying at the Generator Hostel in Hamburg

At the end of November, I spent one night at the Generator Hostel in Hamburg. Below I list the best and worst features of the hostel to help you make a decision whether or not to stay here. Okay, let’s do this… The good I’ll start with all the good stuff because first impressions are […]

My stay at The Hostello, the only hostel in Verona

Are you looking for an affordable place to stay in Verona? Apart from Airbnb, your options for budget lodging in the city are rather limited. That is, there’s only one hostel in Verona. But don’t despair, The Hostello is a terrific boutique hostel and a great base to explore Verona from. Location The Hostello is located […]

Staying at Atlas Pension in Karterados, Santorini

As soon as my flight to Santorini was booked, I started to search for places to stay. I had a couple of important criteria that had to be met. Although there are a number of cheap hostels on Santorini, I really wanted to stay in a private room. Also, I was looking for an affordable, […]

Getting naked at a European spa

This post is meant to be funny. It’s also extremely personal and deals with a sensitive subject matter: nudity. More specifically, me getting naked at a European spa. I’m blushing now just typing this sentence…Why then would I share such a private story? Perhaps something similar happened to you and you can relate. Amen to […]

One night at Snuffel Hostel in Bruges

After dog sitting an extremely cute but high maintenance beagle, I was in need of a mini break. I just wanted to get away for one night and Bruges was the perfect place. Although, if you have more time, definitely stay two or three nights. Anyway, I decided to spend my one night in Bruges […]

My stay at the Travel Hostel in Český Krumlov

If you pick hostels solely based on their locations, it doesn’t get much better than the Travel Hostel in Český Krumlov. Located right in the heart of this picturesque town, the Travel Hostel is only minutes away on foot from the main square and the castle. But there’s much more to this hostel than its […]

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