Romance in Flowers: Keukenhof 2018

by Sonja Faul

A week ago Keukenhof, undoubtedly the main attraction during Spring in the Netherlands, or in Europe for that matter, closed its gates for the year. Did you visit the gardens between March and May to see the millions and millions of flowers? I did, and once again Keukenhof did not disappoint.

The theme this year was Romance in Flowers. The theme seems fitting because, for me, romance goes hand in hand with flowers. Who doesn’t love receiving a bouquet of flowers as a gesture of affection? And strolling through the gardens in a sea of beautiful colours is kinda romantic.

So which flower did I like best? You would think that choosing a favourite flower amongst the hundreds of different species would be difficult. But it wasn’t for me. Mine, without a doubt, was the ‘Queen of Night’ (an epic name for a flower, right?), a dark red almost black tulip. Another favourite of mine was the unreal neon blue orchid. The colour was so radiant and unusual for a flower that it almost looked fake.

Last year I wrote this handy guide for visiting the gardens in May, and I stand by every word! My best tip was and still is to go early in the morning. For starters, you skip the insanely long queue at the airport to board the bus. It’s also the best way to avoid the thousands of people that stream through the gates daily and fill up the park by lunchtime.

Just in case you missed the opportunity to visit Keukenhof this year, I’ve put together my best photos to one, show you what you missed (yes, I’m a little bit sadistic), and two, inspire you to visit next year. Enjoy! And let me know if you were able to spot my favourite flower in the photos.

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