Staying at Hostel Stara Polana, Zakopane

I was searching for budget accommodation in Zakopane in January. The small town was nearly fully booked (as December/January is peek season), so I was lucky to find a private room at Hostel Stara Polana. The hostel in located right in the heart of Zakopane, the winter capital of Poland. Adding to the charm of […]

Must-see Street Art in Krakow

Street art in Krakow isn’t merely meaningless graffiti on the sides of buildings. Actually, quite the opposite is true. Street art in Krakow is filled with symbolism and substance. The first street art in Krakow appeared after World War II and was political in nature. Members of the Orange Alternative, the Polish anti-communist movement, wanted […]

A slow morning in Wroclaw

At the end of my Central Europe trip, I was travelling from Zakopane in the South of Poland back to Prague. The bus ride was too long for one stretch, so I wanted to break it up into smaller trips for a comfortable journey. I’d already been to Krakow, so I was searching for another […]

Krakow Food Guide: what and where to eat

I’ll be honest with you: I didn’t expect to find the culinary highlight of my Central European trip in Poland! I was blown away by the hearty food and all the great vegetarian options available in restaurants. And the best part, the food is really affordable! Below I break down the food (not just vegetarian) […]

A quick guide to Zakopane

Zakopane is the winter capital of Poland. This charming town is located approximately 100 km south of Krakow. I visited Zakopane in early January when everything was covered in snow. It was truly magical. Getting in A popular way to reach Zakopane is to drive there in your own car. Be warned, though, traffic is […]

Dog sledding adventure in Zakopane

Exploring the white winter landscapes of Europe on a sled pulled by excited and eager dogs…Yes please! As an animal lover and husky owner myself, this activity has grabbed my attention for the last couple of years. In January, I finally checked dog sledding off my bucket list. And you know what, the experience was […]