Budapest comes alive at night

by Sonja Faul

Something magical happens in Budapest as the sun sets on the Danube…the whole city comes alive! The buildings are bathed in light, highlighting every feature.

And then a peculiar thing happens. You start to notice things you’ve missed in the daylight. A random building suddenly grabs your attention for all the right reasons. A seemingly abandoned building transforms into a ruin bar with retro trinkets plastered across the interior.

Below I share three ways to see Budapest by night: on foot, by tram or on a river cruise.

Tram Nr. 2

A great way to get an overview of the city is to take the nr. 2 tram.

Don’t expect too much because the tram will likely be crowded and you might not see a lot. But you’ll get a glimpse of Budapest (see the photo below).

On foot

As the sun is setting, make your way towards the Danube River. This is where all the magic happens, right at the water’s edge. The water reflects the lights, like a mirror. I loved photographing the bridges that cross the river. There are so many to choose from. As soon as they light up, start snapping away.

Another attraction to explore at night is the Hungarian Parliament Building. It’s on the tram nr. 2 route. Although the building is great to see during the day, it’s really something special at night. And extra special during the Christmas holiday season. The view of the Parliament building from the water is also magnificent!

River cruise

In my opinion, the best view of Budapest at night is from the Danube and the best way to see it all is to book a river cruise. A one-hour cruise can cost as little as $10 per person. And that includes a free drink! If you spend more money, you get a longer cruise and more to eat and drink.

The one-hour cruise was enough for me. You’ll see all the major attractions, twice! The boat goes down the river, turns around and goes right back again. Below are some of my best photos taken during a one-hour cruise.

With these beautiful snaps, I leave you. Like I said, Budapest comes alive at night!

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