Staying at the Generator Hostel in Hamburg

by Sonja Faul

At the end of November, I spent one night at the Generator Hostel in Hamburg. Below I list the best and worst features of the hostel to help you make a decision whether or not to stay here. Okay, let’s do this…

The good

I’ll start with all the good stuff because first impressions are important. For the most part, I enjoyed my stay at the hostel.


Of all the hostels in Hamburg I researched, this one had the best location for me. Since I was in the city to visit the Christmas markets, I wanted to stay at a central place within walking distance from the train/bus station and the markets. The Generator is surrounded by shops and supermarkets. It’s right across the street from the Flixbus stop and Hamburg Central Station. As a bonus, the closest Christmas market was right at the entrance of the hostel. The others could be reached within 10 minutes on foot, while the city hall (where the best Christmas market can be found) is 20 minutes away.

I will say this, the hostel is located in a colourful neighbourhood, meaning there’s a lot of adult shops and strip clubs close by.


The hostel is very affordable. The prices go down the closer you book to your departure date (when you travel in November). For example, when I first looked at the prices, about a month prior to my trip, it was €25 per night in a mixed dorm room. About one week before my trip, the price had decreased to €15. And then, a few days before my departure, on Black Friday, I got a great deal through Agoda for just €10. Bargain!

The size of the dorm rooms

Sometimes size does matter. Well, it definitely matters when it comes to dorm rooms and sharing the same space with a bunch of strangers. I stayed in an 8-bed mixed dorm room and I’m happy to say that the room was very spacious. Normally I’d stay in a female dormitory, but as I purchased the Black Friday special I couldn’t pick and choose. Because of the size of the room, though, each person had their own personal space and the fact that I was one of only two girls in the room didn’t bother me.

Sturdy, comfortable beds

Unlike the majority of bunk beds in dormitories, the beds in this hostel were comfortable and very sturdy. No squeaking sound each time you move a muscle. There are also enough power outlets to charge your phone/laptop/camera. The huge lockers are located underneath the beds. Just bring your own lock along with you.

The view

My dorm room was located on the 7th floor of the building and I had a great view of the city. I could see the sunset over Hamburg from my bed. Who doesn’t love a room with a view?

The bad

Unfortunately, my stay at the hostel wasn’t without a couple of hiccups.

Small bathrooms

Of all the hostels I’ve ever stayed at, this hostel had the smallest bathrooms. At least there were two in the room, one with a toilet and a basin, and one with a shower and a basin. Because of the small size, it was difficult to keep your clean clothes dry while you showered. Also, the water drainage in the small wash basins was terrible, but the shower drainage was perfectly fine.

No free luggage storage

The Generator in Hamburg doesn’t offer free luggage storage, you have to rent a locker. The price depends on the size of the locker and how long you rent it. A small locker costs €4 for 24 hours or €2 for six hours. It’s still pretty affordable, but it was just an extra cost I didn’t plan for. Also, it’s annoying to have to pay to store your luggage before and/or after your stay.

No free breakfast

Breakfast is not included in your stay, it will cost you €7.50 extra. I decided to forgo breakfast in the hostel and grab a pastry and a hot drink at Backstore café just down the street. The bakery has a wide selection of pastries and is very budget friendly.

My verdict

Would I recommend staying at the Generator Hostel in Hamburg? For sure! Aside from the small bathrooms and the lockers you have to rent, my stay at the hostel was pretty great. The location couldn’t be better for exploring the old town and for such a low price it’s a steal.

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