Travelling to Santorini in October: Pros and Cons

I travelled to Santorini at the end of October. I’d be lying if I say that I wasn’t a little bit concerned about visiting the island at the very end of the tourist season. Will the shops still be open? Will I be able to reach all the towns with public transportation? Will the weather […]

A quick, essential guide to Santorini

Santorini has been on my bucket list since I can remember, so I jumped at the first opportunity I had to visit this beautiful Greek island. Because Santorini is such a popular destination, there are lots of guides out there. This guide is different because it strips away all the fluffy anecdotes (more personal articles […]

A complete guide to Gouda

Gouda is one of my favourite cities in the Netherlands. It’s known for the medieval market square, the historic buildings and, of course, the food. And the food has to be phenomenal, right? After all, the city has a cheese named after it! As you probably know, Gouda is a mild, yellow Dutch cheese. It’s […]

The Rüdesheim am Rhein Christmas market

Rüdesheim am Rhein is a small village located on the banks of the Rhine River in western Germany. I only spent one night here en route to the Black Forrest, but it was enough time to enjoy the Christmas market. German Christmas markets are the best, and Rüdesheim am Rhein is no exception. The market Just […]

A complete guide to Monterosso al Mare, Italy

Monterosso al Mare is the oldest and biggest of the quintet villages that make up the Cinque Terre. This picturesque village is dived into two parts, an old town that is connected by a foot tunnel to the new town, also called Fagina. In the old part of town, you’ll find Piazza Garibaldi, churches, artisan […]

Getting naked at a European spa

This post is meant to be funny. It’s also extremely personal and deals with a sensitive subject matter: nudity. More specifically, me getting naked at a European spa. I’m blushing now just typing this sentence…Why then would I share such a private story? Perhaps something similar happened to you and you can relate. Amen to […]

The Christmas market in Gengenbach

A feast of lights and colours, Christmas is a magical time in Europe. But no one does Christmas quite as well as the Germans. From big cities to small villages, you’re likely to find a Christmas market in every German town. Gengenbach is no exception. This small town is located on the western edge of […]

10 interesting facts about Rose-ringed parakeets

You won’t see the distinctive rings around the necks of all parakeets. Only the adult male has the black ring and rose-coloured collar around his neck. It’s considered impossible to distinguish immature males and females from each other.  Rose-ringed parakeets can get very old, reaching an age of up to 30 years! They have a […]

My Bruges photo diary

Bruges is beautiful! It’s one of those picture-perfect European cities that you simply cannot miss. This was my second trip to Bruges, although I’m not sure if the first one really counts. I travelled to Bruges at the end of last year to check out the Christmas markets. It was only a day trip and […]

Discovering the churches of Bruges

When I travel to a new destination, I love visiting the churches in that city or town, for two reasons. Firstly, I find that churches, or religious buildings in general, are often architectural marvels that house incredible works of art. Just think of, for example, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona or the Milan Cathedral. Churches […]

One night at Snuffel Hostel in Bruges

After dog sitting an extremely cute but high maintenance beagle, I was in need of a mini break. I just wanted to get away for one night and Bruges was the perfect place. Although, if you have more time, definitely stay two or three nights. Anyway, I decided to spend my one night in Bruges […]

15 photos to inspire you to visit Mt. Praděd and the Slezská Harta Dam

The Jeseníky Mountains, located in eastern part of the Czech Republic close to the Polish border, is a paradise for adrenaline junkies and nature lovers. I lean more towards the latter. Give me mountains, forests, rivers, animals and hiking trails and I’m in my happy place. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy a […]

My stay at the Travel Hostel in Český Krumlov

If you pick hostels solely based on their locations, it doesn’t get much better than the Travel Hostel in Český Krumlov. Located right in the heart of this picturesque town, the Travel Hostel is only minutes away on foot from the main square and the castle. But there’s much more to this hostel than its […]

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